Welcome to Seeing Is Believing

Questions that orient our investigations, arguments, and discussions:

What is the relationship between what we see and what we know? How does visual culture facilitate our knowledge of self, other, and the empirical word? Is sight/vision more important or reliable than other senses? Is visual information more useful or reliable than other sensory information?

When is visual technology emancipatory and when does it tether us to behaviors, ideas/ideologies, or objects? When does visual technology ironically prevent us from actually seeing beyond appearances?  

How does a continued dominance of vision/visual culture determine and affect how we see people who are different from us, or “the other?”

How and to what extent do virtual worlds, generated by and existing in the circuitry and code in computers and cell phones, influence, manage, and/or control us as viewers and spectators?

Can we trust what we see? Is seeing believing?

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