I will be in the Writing Center from about 2:30-3pm (I have a meeting at 3PM). Feel free to come by if you have questions about your Final Projects or Final Presentations.

Project 4 Group Conferences

Group Conference #1: Diego & Garrett will meet on Thursday, May 4th from 12-1pm in my office in the Expository Writing Program

Group Conference #2: Joachim, Rahmat, & Madeleine will meet on Thursday, May 4th , from 4-5pm in the OU Writing Center. 

**OPTION 3: if schedules change and ALL of you can meet later on Thursday, we can have one Group Conference from 4-5pm in the Writing Center

How to Prepare & What to Bring to Group Conferences:  The “Conference Draft” of your project should be a detailed Plan, Outline, Blueprint, Sketch, Graphic, or Draft, and includes explanatory planning notes. In other words, in addition to showing your group the visual draft of your Project, you should be able to…
  • Explain the overall idea for your Final Project: i.e. how you brainstormed the content-subject-focus of the project. how it has developed/evolved from/is related to Seeing Is Believing (i.e. units, readings, essays, issues, keyterms)
  • Describe the reason that you have chosen the alternative media or multi-media genre or format as the right format to create and present your project.
  • Explain both Why & How that format/medium/genre will help you to best articulate your overall argument/argument strategy for the project.
  • Explain how the Final Project will grab its AUDIENCE’s attention & address Audience ASSUMPTIONS using a hook, stance, diction, style, argument strategy, a particular RSM, organization, etc.
  • Explain your STANCE & how you will plan to communicate that STANCE using alternative media or multi-media genre or format in the presentation
  • Explain your MOTIVE for the Project’s argument (why the argument matters and why it is important) & what you hope the project will accomplish.
  • Explain the use of any important KEYTERMS.
  • Explain the Argument/Thesis the Project will make, and how you will support the argument using EVIDENCE from SOURCES in this alternative media or multi-media/alternative media genre format, as well as how your will be able to transition to/between sources/evidence using Quotation Weaving & Stitching.
  • Forecast which RSMs you plan to use to add complexity to the argument— and has a sense of which RSMs complement your alternative media,
  • multi-media, alternative genre format, or audio/audiovisual technology format.
  • Forecast How or With What image, feeling, thoughts you plan to leave your audience/viewers with in the conclusion/end of the project. When they walk away, leave, close their eyes, what images or ideas or feelings do you want to have imprinted upon their minds eye?

Imagine Being THIS Hypervisible…

From the OU Daily: George McLaurin was the first Black student to attend the University of Oklahoma. Not only is he obviously visible as a young Black man, he is simultaneously hypervisible and invisible (at least in this photograph) in that his seat is segregated in a separate part of the classroom, blocked from the other students by a divider:

George McLurin