Project 4 Final Presentations, Observation Blogs, PRELIM 1 & E.C.

We will meet tomorrow morning at 9am in our regular classroom for Final Presentations of Final Project 4. I will bring a dozen donuts from Hurts Donuts. If I have time, I will bring a carafe of coffee from EXPO. Please feel free to bring a morning beverage of your choice.

You want to have all remaining course commitments complete by Friday: this includes your guest blog post and final blog post, PRELIM 1: Keyterm Catalog, any outstanding discussions you want to post in or annotations you need to make, and our final extra credit assignment: a creative Word Cloud for PRELIM 1.

I will be on campus for the remainder of the day on Tuesday, as well as on Thursday for a 1-3pm meeting (I could meet right before or right after).

Final Grades are due next Tuesday. Since I have given SIB students until Friday to wrap up any outstanding assignments, I probably won’t have grades ready until late Monday morning. I will happily reply to any grade requests via email on Monday.