Visual Technology and….. Brain Hacking?

I think that every has seen The Matrix but you will want to watch it again with our course themes, keyterms, and readings in mind: The Matrix

Note any overlapping ideas or parallels between the film and the other films we viewed, and especially to the course readings, course keyterms, etc. Note these in the Discussion Thread on the course site.

This recent episode of 60 Minutes relates to our course in many ways, and even echoes what several of you have argued in various of your essays. In relation to our course: Is this your brain on…..the mechanical reproduction of images, desires, reality, etc. using twenty-first century, state of the art, visual technology? 60 Minutes Episode about “Brain Hacking”

AKA: Where Unit 4 themes & Unit 2 themes converge…..

The Doodle Poll is not finding any helpful overlap in scheduling our Project IV  Group Conference. We need to have at least TWO of you in a group. So: Please take another look at your schedules and see if you can add a day or time to your availability. Or, if starting on the 1/2 hour works better than starting on the hour, please let me know (i.e. from 3:30-4:30pm on Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday works better than 3-4pm). If we are unable to find any overlap, I can schedule a very EARLY or a very LATE time slot on the days listed in the schedule.

The FINAL extra credit opportunity for the course will be the following: make a Word Cloud out of PRELIM 1: Keyterm Catalog! I will show examples in class.

Essay 3 Extra Credit

Extra Credit for Essay 3 involves watching a film about African-American history/identity and relating the film to Unit 3 course readings about the invisibility-hypervisibility of Blackness and the othering of African Americans, particularly Black men, in a Post on your Observation Blog. You can also tie in readings from Unit 2, since, as I hope it’s been clear, the hypervisibility-visibility-invisibility spectrum is often related to surveillance/panopticism, mechanical reproduction of images, and being a passive spectator.

In an ideal world, there would be time for us to see all of the films below. A few of these films were released in and Oscar winners for 2016. Other films are a few years older, and some of these are Oscar winners (or nominees) as well.

So: if you’ve been planning to see Hidden Figures, make a date with someone to see Hidden Figures. If you’ve wanted to see Moonlight because it won best picture at the Oscars, plan a date to see Moonlight. Viola Davis and Denzel Washington are two of the most prominent and most highly regarded actors in Hollywood, so plan a date to see Fences.

Hidden Figures (Trailer)

Moonlight (Trailer)

Fences (Trailer)

Previously released films that also relate to Unit 3 include the following;

Django Unchained

Twelves Years a Slave

Dear White People


Fruitvale Station

I Am Not Your Negro (James Baldwin biopic)

2017 Release:

Get Out!

Essay 3 Introduction Workshops, Conferences, IBD/RIP w/CA&R due Tuesday, The Truman Show

Students who were absent on Thursday can find the handout for Introduction Workshops under the Essay tab on the course site. The handout for PRELIM 10: Counterargument + Refutation (which should be incorporated into your essay in your In-Between-Draft or Revision-In-Progress) is located under both the Essay tab and the PRELIM tab.

Don’t forget to both upload a copy of your Essay 3 Conference Draft to the course site, and to share it with me via Googledocs, OneDrive, or as an editable  MS file you attache to an email in Outlook. Essays should be shared with me some time BEFORE 8am Friday morning. The minimum Conference Draft length of 6 pages doesn’t need to contain your Counterargument and Refutation (though you can make notes in your essay about your strategy for locating the CA&R in your argument). Also due are an Essay 3 Conference Draft Roadmap (you can use the Organizing Research Essays Worksheet to schematically present your Roadmap, or compose a linear one) and a Revision Plan that explains what you think you need to work more on and what you feel you really need help with.

You should read G&B They Say, I Say, Chapter 7: “Planting a Naysayer in Your Text” for helpful information about strategies and rhetorical moves for incorporating a counterargument into your argument. Other than completing the preliminary revision of your Essay 3 Conference Draft into an IBD/RIP, the only other homework is to view The Truman Show and to participate in the first Discussion Thread for Unit 4. The Truman Show (Amazon Video)

Extra Credit options for Essay 3 will be forthcoming in the SIB blog!