Extra Credit Assignments

OPTION 1: If we had more time, I would have assigned an additional movie relevant to the the course in general, and Unit 3 in particular. Thus, and especially since it’s the holiday break, a time when people watch football and movies, you can receive extra credit of for writing a proposal review that recommends one of the following films for inclusion in the course. You can address your proposal review to me as instructor of the course, and explain the rationale for including this film using your cumulative and ever growing list of Keyterms from your PRELIM 2: Keyterm Catalog, and by making connections between course issues and themes and the film you choose. Whether or not you receive extra credit will be determined by the persuasiveness of your appeal (how well you strategize using diction and rhetorical structural moves), the logical connections you make to the course, and the strength and sincerity of your stance position. A half-hearted, last-ditch, sloppy effort will result in 0 points.

You can upload your proposal review to the Extra Credit folder on the course site.

Some possibilities include; Eight Mile, Mean Streets, A Bronx Tale, Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction, Boyz in the Hood, Set It Off, Dope, Road to Perdition, Youth of the Beast, and City of God (the last 2 are foreign).

OPTION 2: If you don’t have time to devote to watching a movie (which I also do not want to compete with Decoded, here is an alternative E.C. assignment: using the list of rhetorical strategies from the PRELIM 9 handout make a flow chart of the Rhetorical Structural Moves for your Essay 3 Introduction. You will be labeling each sentence with its corresponding RSM. If you get on a roll, you can continue the flow chart for another paragraph for an additional point of extra credit.

I wish you a peaceful and, most importantly, restful thanksgiving! Dr. Mintler

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