Essay 2 Synthesis Revisions & Synthesis Handout

Remember that Final Revisions of Essay 2 with Synthesis Paragraphs added are due Thursday by 11:59pm. Remember to mark which paragraph or paragraphs are your synthesis paragraphs by changing the font color to reasonably dark and readable color (like blue, purple, or green). You can also place as asterisk at the start or at the start & end of the paragraph if you don’t like the idea of changing the color of the font.

PRELIM 6 Synthesis Handout

PRELIM 6 Synthesis Paragraph Writing Workshop

I have decided to upload another copy of the Synthesis Handout above so that it’s easier to find, as well as a copy of the Essay 2 Writing Workshop handout because the LAST part specifically addresses the synthesis paragraph. You can do a quick workshop of your own synthesis paragraph after you write it and before emailing me the LATEST and FINAL revision of Essay 2. Please email your essay as a PDF.

Consult the REVISED Unit 3 Course Schedule for changes in this weekend’s HW. In the next day or 2 I will have all of the clips for “The Wire” on the course site under Unit 3 Readings.

Dr. Mintler

I have provided feedback on research proposals for everyone who presented a “Movie Pitch” last Wednesday. Most of you have prepared very well and with great care as you found preliminary sources and discussed your reasons for choosing your topic. Several students do need to narrow their focuses somewhat, and only a few students have not fulfilled the assignment in terms of locating initial credible and reliable sources. Keep in mind, as you conduct research for your Annotated Bibliography, that you are responsible and accountable for searching for and finding credible, reliable, and scholarly sources using the research strategies, databases, and search engines that Cheryl modeled during our Library Research Orientation. Please come to office hour on Monday if I can help you find sources, narrow the focus of your research, etc. I personally think research is fun and am happy to help.

There are two links to the movie American Gangster in Unit 3 Readings (as well as the two readings from New York Magazine) iTunes wouldn’t allow me to share my the copy of American Gangster that I have downloaded my laptop, however, II have uploaded 2 versions of American Gangster from Youtube. Let’s see who can make the most connections between Frank Lucas’s story and course themes, issues, readings, and keyterms…..

(Just For Fun) Which Hamilton Character are You? Quiz!

Are you just like your country: young, and scrappy, and hungry? Have you thrown away your shot? Can you ever/never be satisfied? Do you ever/never get to be in the room where it happened? Are you ever/never gonna be president now? Have you been off in France for so long? Are you looking for a mind at work? Are you in control of who lives to tell your story? Find out WHICH HAMILTON Character You Are.

(Can guess which Hamilton character your “Here Comes the General” professor is?)

Which Hamilton Character are You? Quiz!

Monday’s Classes * Office Hours * Essay 2 Revision Materials * PRELIM 7a&b

I am starting to grade Essay 2 Revisions and Revision Materials on Monday. Please make sure that you have uploaded these items as a PDF file to your DOC in the Essay folder. If you forgot to complete one of the revision materials (i.e your cover letter–written as a cover letter–or your revised roadmap) please EMAIL it to me on Monday. Also, if you didn’t include a bibliography or works cited for your essay, you need to have one, so please email a PDF copy that contains one.

I am still waiting for Essay 2 Revisions &/or Revision materials for several students who had Friday conferences. Please contact me OR come to office hours tomorrow (10-11am & 12-3pm) if you are having difficulties and would like some help, were ill this weekend, etc.  I have a meeting with Dr. Michele Bodice, the Director of the OU Writing Center, from 11am-12pm in the Writing Center, so I can’t be in my office for office hours then. If you really need to see me, either come to my office in the Expository Writing Program at noon, or if it’s an emergency, you can find me in the Writing Center on the 2nd floor of Wagner Hall.

SECTION 013: Class will meet TODAY in Bizzell Library Room 139-D for our rescheduled Library Research Orientation.

SECTION 012: Monday’s class TODAY has been CANCELED, so get thee to the library and do some good research to complete PRELIM 7.

PRELIM 7 (a&b) is due for BOTH CLASSES uploaded as a PDF in the PRELIM Folder by 11:59pm Monday night.

Dr. Mintler’s Extended Office Hours + Wednesday’s Class + Essay Extensions + Extra Credit + Drop Date

  1. I will be available for office hours Monday and Wednesday of this week from 9:30am to 1pm and again from 4:30-6pm.
  2. Don’t forget that class meets Wednesday in Bissell LL123 in the Collaborative Learning Center. You should arrive prepared with PRELIM 7a: mini-proposals for 2-3 possible research topics.
  3. Remember to email me to request a one-day extension for Essay 2 the DAY BEFORE your essay is due.
  4. Since we didn’t finish our workshop of Essay 2 arguments and synthesis paragraphs, I will offer EXTRA CREDIT toward your Essay 2 grade is you provide workshop feedback for your partner in a comment below their Essay 2 doc. You should provide this feedback BEFORE Thursday.
  5. For anyone on the fence about remaining in or dropping the course: the last day to drop classes and receive a grade of “W” for “withdrawal” is October 28th. If you drop the class after the drop date, I will have to assign whatever grade you are earning in the class at the time you drop.

Essay 2 FYI

  1. Don’t forget to post your Evolving Thesis Assertion into the Workshop Discussion topic that was created yesterday–you can provide larger sections of your introduction-in-progress, or a sentence of two before that help you to set up the Thesis Assertion.
  2. Also, provide feedback on other students’ Thesis Assertions. You should be able to tell from the Thesis Assertion whether the student is writing OPTION I or OPTION 2. Your feedback can make suggestions to evolve the writer’s STANCE, KEYTERMS, DICTION, the evaluativeness or strength of their Assertion claim, and/or FOCUS.
  3. If you are planning to use The Godfather Part I as a primary source in your essay, in order to write about Michael Corleone’s transition from the straight to the crooked ladder, here is how to CITE evidence from a movie: a) be very particular, detailed, and descriptive about the scene you are referencing and CITE dialogue (quote dialogue): so you either have to really “listen” or you can watch the movie with closed captioning turned ON. The other way to be able to quote dialogue is to watch a foreign language version because then the subtitles will be in English.