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One Last Time…..

Federalists on Broadway

“[Hamilton] symbolizes as nothing else could that the history of the founding of the United States belongs to all Americans at all times and in all places and not simply to elite white Anglo-Saxon males who lived in the eighteenth century.”

Dr. M.


If you have a chance to see Moonlight during the winter holiday break, don’t miss it! I highly recommend it, especially in relation to our focus in Unit 3 on the emergence of the urban, Black gangster. In fact, I plan to add it to Unit 3 when I next teach American Gangster Spring of 2018.


Essay 3 Grades & Brainstorm Magazine

I have uploaded Grading Rubrics and Essay 3 Revisions with grading comments to the course site. For those of you who are considering submitting an essay to Brainstorm Magazine, you can follow the link provided here: Expository Writing Program webpage

If you do decide to submit your work, you should further revise (based on the revision feedback you received) and clean up (edit for minor issues relating to sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and especially diction) your essay before submitting. The deadline for submitting an essay is Wednesday, December 21.