Visual Technology and….. Brain Hacking?

I think that every has seen The Matrix but you will want to watch it again with our course themes, keyterms, and readings in mind: The Matrix

Note any overlapping ideas or parallels between the film and the other films we viewed, and especially to the course readings, course keyterms, etc. Note these in the Discussion Thread on the course site.

This recent episode of 60 Minutes relates to our course in many ways, and even echoes what several of you have argued in various of your essays. In relation to our course: Is this your brain on…..the mechanical reproduction of images, desires, reality, etc. using twenty-first century, state of the art, visual technology? 60 Minutes Episode about “Brain Hacking”

AKA: Where Unit 4 themes & Unit 2 themes converge…..

The Doodle Poll is not finding any helpful overlap in scheduling our Project IV  Group Conference. We need to have at least TWO of you in a group. So: Please take another look at your schedules and see if you can add a day or time to your availability. Or, if starting on the 1/2 hour works better than starting on the hour, please let me know (i.e. from 3:30-4:30pm on Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday works better than 3-4pm). If we are unable to find any overlap, I can schedule a very EARLY or a very LATE time slot on the days listed in the schedule.

The FINAL extra credit opportunity for the course will be the following: make a Word Cloud out of PRELIM 1: Keyterm Catalog! I will show examples in class.

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